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Re: Clutch Replacement
geschrieben von: lucio ()
Datum: 07. Juni 2019 16:17

Greetings Haji

Thanks so much for your comments.

The clutch is sticking / slipping especially when in 5th gear - you hear the engine revving but you can feel it's not pulling.

My mechanic wants to change everything - the bushes and the clutch all in one go.

I have been on the toolbox section and it mentions drilling holes and putting in the grease nipples.

He said that is a good idea but still wants to change the bushes as it is very stiff and he said in case it is damaged/consumed also he would like to replace them to make a great job.

Do you know the part number for the bushes and where I can find them? Also which make of clutch kit is best to buy?

Many thanks


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