cracked block, new engine
geschrieben von: roger gibbons ()
Datum: 10. November 2018 18:41

hi all, my engine overheats going up hill, my mechanic has looked at the head gasket and says its good. i am having the head pressure tested for cracks. if the head is not cracked, and its the block cracked, i know i have big problem
does anyone know where i can get another block from, or even another engine.
any ideas what else may have caused engine to overheat going uphill. i had the engine flushed of water as part of a service, maybe a cylinder head sealant was flushed out as well. the overheating has only happened since the system was flushed. i hope someone can help, i am pulling my hair out with worry.

also is there another model of engine that would replace the one i have, maybe the 5 cylinder. my vehicle is a 1992 2.4 diesel. it has been running so well.

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